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(visa and work permit / blue card) for non-EU Hires

Free interactive talk for owners, HR professionals, talent acquisition managers and recruiters.

Tuesday October 19th 09:00-11:30AM CE(S)T

Thursday October 21th 09:00-11:30AM CE(S)T

Wednesday October 27th 09:00-11:30AM CE(S)T

Friday October 29th 09:00-11:30AM CE(S)T

Trying to find answers to these questions?

Will it be possible to hire internationally?


What are the latest COVID-19 updates?


What does the Fachkräfte Einwanderungsgesetz (Germany’s new Skilled Immigration Act) mean for us?

Several solutions

Please join Rolf Diepeveen in this free interactive talk where the following topics will be discussed:

  • What are the newest updates for my new international hires who need visas?

  • What are the newest updates for candidates already in Germany who need employer changes, renewals, etc.?

  •  When do I need the BIS’s new Fast-track Process (beschleunigtes Verfahren) for my international new hires?

  •  What effect will the Skilled Immigration Act have on my company?

  •  Spotting red flags: who cannot easily get a permit, and what can you do about it?

  •  Can my candidate start now? How to check the permit of someone already in Germany

  •  And more – please send your questions in advance or ask them during the interactive talk!

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